Workshop truck KrAZ-65053

Special-purpose truck-workshop on the base of KrAZ-65053 truck chassis is intended for delivery of crews and carrying out of different repair jobs. Special wagon-body consists of three compartments: passenger, energetic and mechanic. Depending on the purpose and production need truck-workshop may be fitted with the different processing equipment.


Basic chassis KrAZ-65053
Configuration 6x4
Engine diesel, turbocharged
Quantity of seats in passenger compartment 6+2

Equipment of energetic compartment:
– one-operator welding unit АДД-40003/5,5 with additional generator 5,5 kWt, 220 V
– board of the repair shop electrical equipment control

Equipment of bench compartment:
– vice bench with boxes
– bench screw
– electric drill
– milling-drilling unit
– polishing machines
– autonomous jack
– fitting tool kit
– accessories for welding set

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