The KrAZ-5401С2 Grain Truck Partially Funded from the Budget

17 April, 2019

The KrAZ-5401С2 grain truck has been added to the list of vehicles and equipment for agrarian sector available on partial cost recovery basis using budget funds. For updated list of manufacturers and extended range of vehicles and equipment meeting criteria of Support Program go the site of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade by following the link .

The KrAZ5401С2 grain truck is based on the 4х2 KrAZ-5401С2 medium-duty dump truck created last year. It was unveiled at the International Exhibition Grain Technologies-2018, where the grain truck caught the interest and got a high mark from agrarians and farmers.  

Capacity of own mass produced 7 cu.m. box dump body was increased to 12 cu.m. by increasing height of sides. New dump body has rear tailgate opening automatically when dumping, the tailgate is controlled from driver’s cab. Another feature is hinged tailgate. The dump body has hoist with telescopic double cylinder. Canopy and bows are provided for protection of grain against atmospheric precipitation. Palletized cargo can be carried besides bulk cargo.

The KrAZ-5201С2 grain truck is very maneuverable due to minimum turning radius of 7,5 m and its overall dimensions of 6330х2500х2960. It is equipped with 335hp diesel inline engine meeting Euro-5 standard, single-disc clutch and 9-speed transmission.

The cab offers maximum of comfort: air-suspended seats, height and tilt adjustable steering column, and functional dashboard. The cab is low-seated for comfortable entry/exit.  

“AutoKrAZ” hopes that its products will be more affordable for Ukrainians due to participation in this program. This will help utilize its capacity and increase taxes paid to different budgets. 

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