Another Special Off Road Truck KrAZ-6322 for UAF

03 April, 2019

This time new recovery truck based on the KrAZ-6322 dropside truck has been made by order placed with Kremenchug Automobile Plant by the military. It differs from similar trucks of this range by a crane mounted behind cab. The off road truck has standard equipment.  It is used for loading and carrying units and equipment and towing trailers on all kinds of rods and off road. Attachment system for driver and occupants weapons is provided in the cab, the truck features tire pressure control system for driving on rugged terrain.

Palfinger crane mounted behind the cab has load moment of 11,3 tm, maximum boom reach of 8,2 m and lifting capacity of 6680 kg.

This recovery truck will be used by the military together with other special vehicles. “KrAZ” designed and built similar special vehicles for post-war recovery of Iraq almost 15 years ago. It will be remembered that in 2004 “AutoKrAZ” won a contract for supply of a large batch of various models of KrAZ trucks through fierce bidding competition with West-European companies, the bidding was announced by the USA as part of Iraq Post-War Recovery Program. Within 2004-2006 about 2200 various models of KrAZ-6322 based trucks were supplied to Iraq, including almost 200 KrAZ-6322 PАRМ workshop trucks.

Today Ukrainian military emphasize the need for adding various special vehicles to fleets of their units. The army is short of off road workshop trucks and wheeled recovery vehicles for driving on rugged terrain. KrAZ trucks, simple and the best in terms of off road capability in its class, have such a reputation. Unfortunately, the company does not have enough orders for utilizing its capacity, manpower loading, strengthening the defence capability of the country and economic growth. KrAZ is waiting for orders for military vehicles. 

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