Platform trucks

Military Platform Trucks

The family of special platform KrAZ trucks comprises 4WD and 6WD models. Military platform trucks KrAZ are universal soldiers. They are used not only for carrying personnel of military units, Special Forces and UN Peacekeeping Forces, but also for reaching a point of any final destination while towing various equipment and 152-203 mm artillery systems.

The KrAZ-5233BE Spetsnaz and KrAZ-6322 Soldier were dubbed all-terrain. They provide an excellent cross-country ability, maneuverability and speed even under the harshest environmental conditions. Cab-behind engine design of military vehicles is classics, and here KrAZ truck is well ahead of its counterparts, as 1,5 m long bonnet provides to driver and crew an excellent opportunity to survive mine blast under vehicle wheels.

Unique air cleaning system for engine, wide section tyres with tyre pressure control system and centralized tyre inflation system operated from the driver’s cab that allows to adjust tyre pressure while the vehicle is in motion, high clearance, lockable inter-axle and inter-wheel differentials, unique winch that allows pulling vehicle forward, backward or sideways, 2 fuel tanks with a capacity of 250 l each providing fuel distance of up to 1500 km, starting preheater make up an arsenal that allows this truck to tackle the job on the harshest terrains.

Configuration: 6х6
Load carrying capacity, kg: 12 300
Engine: diesel, turbocharged
Power, h.p.: 300...400
Configuration: 6х6
Load carrying capacity, kg: 12000
Engine: diesel, turbocharged
Power, h.p.: 300...400
Configuration: 4х4
Load carrying capacity, kg: 6 000
Engine: diesel, turbocharged
Power, h.p.: 300...400

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