KrAZ Crane Truck for Ukrainian Army: in Partnership of Two Ukrainian Companies

23 April, 2019

The biggest machine building company in western region, long-term partner of “KrAZ” in joint production of crane trucks, Drogobych Truck Crane Plant (DAK) resumed operation, according to National Industry Portal.  We are glad that the first product is KrAZ-mounted crane for Ukrainian army. The КТА-25 crane truck based on the KrAZ-63221 chassis has been assembled and undergone testing.

The KrAZ-63221 chassis has standard equipment and single tires. This 6х6 model is the best solution for installation of superstructures for use in harsh environmental and tough road conditions.  

Maximum lifting capacity of the КТА-25 crane truck: 25 tonne. Boom reach with maximum lifting capacity is 3,2 m, while maximum reach is 18,4 m. Maximum load moment: 800 kN•m. Load lifting height is 21,5 m, (30 m with extended jib).  Length of three-section boom is from 9,7 to 21,7 m (30,7 m with extended jib). Slew angle/area of operation: 360/240 degrees.

The КТА-25 crane truck is being prepared to go to proving ground.

KrAZ-mounted cranes have a series of advantages: high chassis capacity, off road ability and stability, fuel efficiency, easy operation and reliability, high payload capacity. Conventional cab of KrAZ trucks facilitates access to engine for maintenance with boom folded and lowered for travel, ensures more simple and reliable securing of hook in the front of the vehicle. Unlike cabovers, when servicing the engine, there is no need to move the boom sideways, thus offering more comfort to driver.

Kremenchug Automobile Plant offers today 25, 32 and 40 tonne cranes mounted on chassis available in different axle configurations and layouts. The KrAZ-65053, KrAZ-6322/63221 chassis are especially popular with customers and machine building plants. The KrAZ-6511 cabover chassis, an advanced model, with 40 tonne crane superstructure mounted at customer’s request has been recently added to this range. 


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