Tank trucks

KrAZ-based tank trucks are designed for transportation and storage of water. The tank trucks can be used on all kinds of roads and off road.


  АЦП-5,0 АЦП-9,0
Basic chassis cab KrAZ-5233НЕ KrAZ-6322
Configuration 4x4 6x6
Engine diesel, turbocharged
Power, h.p. 300...400
Truck gross weight, kg 17400 25100
Truck curb weight, kg 11850 15300
Tank capacity, m3 5 9
Section fill-up time, minutes:    
- when drawing water from the depth of up to 2 m below filler 18 24
- from the depth of up to 5 m 25 30
- when filling up under pressure 15 25
Number of sections 2 3

Upon the Customer’s request, the tanks can be mounted on KrAZ chassis both of conventional and cabover-engine design with various wheel arrangements.


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