Self-propelled gun "Bogdana" KrAZ‑63221

Self-propelled gun based on the KrAZ-63221 chassis. Striking range is up to 60 km, it has caliber of 155 mm, on-board ammunition capacity of 20 shells, automated guidance and ammunition loading system.The cab chassis is equipped with four-door five-seat cab with elements of armor (combined)


Basic chassis cab KrAZ-63221
Configuration 6х6
Calibre, mm 155
Maximum firing range, km 60
Engine diesel, turbocharged
Power, h.p. 300...400
Tyres 550/75R21; 525/70R21
Cab protection Armor (combined) protection of crew against penetration of 5,45 mm and 7,62 mm ammunitions
Top speed, km/h 80

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