KrAZ-5233 PZM-3

The PZM-3 earth-moving machine based on the KrAZ-5233HE armored chassis is used for backfilling, site clearing and digging ditches and pits in frozen and non-frozen ground when preparing positions and establishing command posts.


Configuration 4x4
Engine diesel, turbocharged
Power, h.p. 300...400
Specifications of equipment
Attachment type chain, all-purpose, without bucket
Conveyor belt system rotary, reversible
Output when digging ditches, rm/h:  
- in non-frozen ground 300...400
- in frozen ground 50...80
Ditch profile in non-frozen ground, m:  
- top width 0,90
- bottom width 0,65
- maximum depth 1,20
Ditch profile in frozen ground, m:  
- top and bottom width 0,65
- maximum depth 1,20

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